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FREE Massage Therapy Appointment

NOTE: This appointment is FREE when you keep the appointment. The $65 is a ‘holding fee’ and will be discounted upon completion of your appointment. In order to protect our time and other client’s time, if you do NOT show or you cancel within 24-hours, you will be charged the $65.

Everyone’s first appointment must be the New Client Evaluation either Medical or Therapeutic – and this is determined by your goals. If you find you are a bit unsure about what type of therapy is best and what you need, book yourself a FREE Appointment!

If you need that help or just want to talk it over with me and get a feel of how effective treatment can be for you, this FREE Appointment is the perfect solution. This appointment is about 30 mins in length and during this appointment we will go over your medical history, the cause and source of your pain, a mini treatment, as well as the goals you would like to accomplish.

Schedule your time to talk with Jessica about your questions, pain, goals, and how Jessica can best help you determine what you need. PLEASE come with a list of questions!

*Total will be discounted to $0 after the appointment. Remember, there is only a charge in the event of a no-show or cancellation within the 24 hour window.

After your free appointment is complete, you will then schedule a New Client Evaluation – either Medical or Therapeutic.
So,  if you think you will want to go ahead and start your therapy, you WILL want to extend your booked time as this time needs to be reserved in advance in order to accommodate our booking schedules.

Medical Massage – 1hr 45min session

If you are looking to get to the root cause of the problem, fast pain relief, effective treatment, book the Medical. This includes a full and thorough Medical history, thorough intake, figuring out your goals, full posture and pain assessment, treatment and post assessment. This appointment is about 115 minutes.

Therapeutic Massage – 75min session

If you are looking for a more traditional type of massage with some pain relief, book the Therapeutic. This session will includes your medical history, your goals, and up to 60 minutes of massage.

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