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Despite being 75 miles from the ocean, Dutch Springs in Pennsylvania 18020, USA is still a great place to go scuba diving. The lake is home to many submerged objects, including a firetruck, school bus, truck, and even an airplane. Many people also love to jump in and explore these objects. The spring-fed lake is also a popular family recreation center and scuba diving site. Unfortunately, drinking and jumping in the water are prohibited at Dutch Springs, so you’ll want to check with the park before you visit.

This man-made lake is just outside of Bethlehem PA. There are three types of fun to be had at Dutch Springs. You can float in the lake, go for a swim, or even zip line. The zip line is approximately 30 feet tall and 200 feet long. Dutch Springs also offers climbing walls, a ropes course, and RV sites. It’s open from Memorial Weekend through Labor Day weekend. Read more interesting info here.

For scuba divers, the area around Dutch Springs is the perfect place to experience the ocean’s wonders. This 95-acre site is home to a variety of attractions and vehicles for visitors to explore. Whether you’re an experienced diver or just new to the sport, you’re sure to find the perfect diving site in Bethlehem. In fact, Dutch Springs is one of the few Pennsylvania dive destinations with both a sandy bottom and crystal clear water.

Located about 75 miles inland from the ocean, Dutch Springs Bethlehem PA offers the perfect setting for diving. The 50-acre lake was once mined for limestone by the National Portland Cement Company. Then, in the late 1970s, it was purchased by Stu Schooley, who turned it into the country’s largest freshwater scuba diving center. Visitors to the facility can learn the basics of scuba diving, or take a deep-sea tour of the acoustic environment.

The Dutch Springs in Allentown, PA is a 95-acre resort owned by entrepreneur Stuart Schooley. He has worked with local governments to keep the lake access open and free from development. The Lehigh Valley Angel Investors network, a group of successful entrepreneurs, has invested $360,000 in three startups in 2015, bringing the total to $1,125,000 over the last five years. Stuart Schooley, one of the founders of Dutch Springs, is one of the 37 members of this group.

For those of you who have never been to Pennsylvania, it’s time you checked it out! Dutch Springs is a spring-fed lake just north of Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. This recreational area has everything from scuba diving to commercial fishing. If you’re a water sport enthusiast, Dutch Springs is the place to go! There are many water activities to enjoy in this beautiful lake.

If you want to go scuba diving, a visit to Dutch Springs is a must! Dutch Springs is a spring-fed lake just north of Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. Its recreational facilities include a scuba diving center, a dive shop, and a swimming pool. You can enjoy the beautiful spring-fed lake while enjoying a picnic or a relaxing swim. There are several attractions at Dutch Springs, including a water park and scuba diving facilities.


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